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How to style your bookcase with a designer’s top tips

How to style your bookcase with a designer’s top tips

Must have coffee table books to get a designer look

When working with clients their interior styling requirements differ. Some clients like minimal coffee tables, for example a tray with a vase of flowers. While others like a lot of decorative pieces on their coffee […]

Learn how to find the perfect dining chair for your home

Knowing your interior style goal and your colour scheme is key to finding the perfect dining chair for your home. This post focuses on these interior styles, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian and Luxe dining rooms. […]

The perfect dining chairs for an amazing dining room

One of the things I love about interior design or more specifically industrial (furniture) design, is how one feature can communicate clearly an interior style.  For example, the cabriole curved leg, says French Provincial. So […]

Best Luxe Christmas Gift Guide

If you have a friend or family member that loves a bit of Luxe then this best Luxe Christmas gift guide will save your day. I’ve chosen the ultimate Luxe pieces for the Luxe interior […]

Hamptons Christmas gift guide 2022

This Hamptons Christmas gift guide 2022 is a selection of pieces you may want to gift to the Hamptons lover in your life or actually keep for yourself. The items I’ve chosen are quintessentially Hamptons. […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Do you like shopping for Christmas? I think it’s really hard. Finding the right gift at the right price. Something the recipient will genuinely like. Recently I learnt a friend loves to read crime novels […]

The Heart of Interior Design – the Brief

I completed a brief for a new project in Preston this week. The project is a full house refurbishment. In any project but particularly in large projects a brief is a critical document. The heart […]

Best white countertops for kitchen

The other day I was checking in on a client’s kitchen refurbishment. I asked my client for feedback. How as the new layout working for her? Did they have enough storage? Was the kitchen functional? […]

All I want for Christmas…

Christmas gift giving, Christmas in general, is a weird time of the year. It means something different for everyone. For some one people it is a holy event in the calendar year and observe Christian […]