Category: Luxe

Luxe living room with blue velvet sofa

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, especially in their homes. While luxury means different things to different people, it’s safe to say that textures such as velvet are key to achieving a Luxe interior style. […]

Luxe dining room with blue accent

I think with Luxe interior style material, colour, shape and texture are really important.  Interior design elements that ensure people luxuriate in their surrounds.  Pieces that create a luxurious ambience.  Also, I think that what […]

Luxe Living with Lush Green Velvet Sofa

I fell in love with the lush, deep green velvet sofa in this luxe living room mood board.  I wanted to do something different with this buyable inspo board and focused on shapes and lines.  […]

Luxe Velvet Bedroom

It’s the curved line in this Luxe buyable bedroom inspo board that is next level.  I’ve selected a velvet bed head.  Velvet is quintessentially luxe.  It has a curved line, as does the bedside table, […]