Category: Eclectic

Subtle Pastel Moroccan

I wanted to play with light pastel colours like baby blue and pretty pink with this subtle pastel Moroccan living room inspo board. Mainly because Moroccan spaces generally have deep colours of purple, tangerine, emerald […]

Classic Boho Bedroom Concept

I’ve had a lot of requests for colour consultations recently. It makes me realise the power of colour. Colour can add drama, a little twist, chaos or calm to a space. With this classic Boho […]

Eclectic living room with gorgeous blue accent

It’s not often that a client of mine will simply like one interior style. Most people like different aspects from different styles. For example they might light the Luxe features of velvet but the slim […]

Eclectic bedroom with drama

Eclectic or boho interior style is all about the different elements of interior design working together in a seemingly random way. And yet for an eclectic (or boho) space to work there needs to be […]

Neutral Boho with Coastal Vibes

We don’t see a lot of true Boho interior style in Australia but variations of Boho such as Coastal Boho are attractive, well liked and requested by clients.  This month’s moodboard is Boho inspired and […]