Buying off the plan tips

Buying off the plan tips

After weeks of looking for an apartment, I have decided that buying off the plan is a viable option for me. Looking at various apartments I realised a few things about what are priorities for me, and what I’m prepared to compromise on. While ‘location, location, location’ is a key mantra when looking at property, there are other factors to consider. This is why I’m buying off the plan.

Location of apartment

In an apartment setting I was keen to find an apartment that didn’t look into my neighbour’s living room or bedroom. I also didn’t want to look directly into a brick or concrete wall. With apartments available on the market, you don’t have a choice in where the apartment is located within the development.

I found that the apartments for sale that didn’t have these hindrances were highly sort of after and therefore competitive.

So buying off the plan was a good option for me because I could choose the location of the apartment within the development. The apartment I’m looking to buy is west facing over houses not apartments with no risk of development.

Sun light

What was also important to me was that every room gets sun. I went to an apartment where one of the bedrooms didn’t have a window. It was cavernous and impossible to be in.

Buying off the plan ensured that I could choose an apartment where all the rooms (except the bathroom) received natural light. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t need to close the curtains to sleep at night so I can imagine leaving the blinds or curtains open all the time to make the most of the natural light.

Especially important with working from home to have natural light in the space.


From all the apartments I saw I liked the apartments in a development with facilities. Facilities such as roof top patio, pool, gym etc. The apartment I’m looking at has a bbq area, pool, gym, library, wine cellar and more.

I loved this idea because it creates a neighbourly feel to the complex.

Location location location

We all know that location is important when buying property. But where you buy is totally dependent on your needs. You might need to be near a good school. You might prefer to be near transport. Everyone is different.

I wanted a location that was close to my mum, within or close to the suburb I currently live in, that is Brunswick. Walking distance to shops, also close to all my existing interior design suppliers.

The apartment I’m interested in is in Coburg. I love Coburg just as much as Brunswick. It hasn’t been gentrified yet, and it’s very multicultural. This suits me as it’s still close enough to all the things I love about Brunswick.

Interior finishes

When buying off the plan you normally have a choice between a light or dark colour scheme. It just so happens the apartment complex I’m interested in has a black or white colour scheme. My favourite colours. With a few tweaks to the finishes, I will be happy with the interior as well.

Buying off the plan wasn’t an option I initially considered but for various reasons it turned out to be the best option for me, especially the stamp duty savings. I can’t wait to move in.

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