How to get a Boho Living Room Funiture Package

How to get a Boho Living Room Funiture Package

Boho Living Room Furniture Package – Shop the Look

How to Create a Boho Living Room

The appeal of Boho interior style is the effortless carefree mix of interesting pieces. Which I have tried to bring to life in this neutral Boho living room furniture package.

So let’s unpick what boho means. Boho is short for bohemian.  A term used in the past to describe free thinkers, creatives, travellers and this interior style was a reflection of their many interests. 

For example, a Persian rug, an Art Deco arm chair, a Modern sofa, tribal sculptures all brought together cohesively. 

I think Eclectic is a more accurate description of this globally influenced style but Boho sounds good 😉. 

With this furniture package I’ve combined styles such as a Scandi inspired sofa and floor lamp, combined with a Coastal rattan arm chairs, an oriental rug, and coastal textures such and linen.  Working together due to the neutral tones of beige and white.

Look closely at the pattern of the wall art which is repeated in the cushion. It’s subtle but this repition is important to make Boho spaces work. I think the most practical piece in this furniture package is the sofa which can be used in a Scandinavian style living room as well.

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