How to Create a Boho Home Office

How to Create a Boho Home Office

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How to create a Boho home office

A Boho home office can be a great space to work in due to the relaxed vibe, natural materials and eclectic nature of Boho interior style.

This Boho home office starts with a solid timber desk. I chose this desk for the slim, angled legs and timber is a warm material that features in Boho spaces.

I chose the white neutral desk chair for its curved line and classic Modern appeal. It’s important that a desk chair looks good and works well. Key functions for a desk chair are castors for ease of movement in and out from the desk and adjustability.

The next piece is an oriental rug with bright colours such as red, orange and blue which are muted due to the distressed nature of a typical oriental style rug. The colours are important to add interest and warmth to the home office.

To ensure that at least one of the colours of the rug is repeated I chose a pop of colour in the blue desk lamp which has a hint of industrial appeal. That’s the beauty of boho or electic interior style, the fusion of influences.

I really like the rattan bookcase which also has a curved line, repeating this interior design element from the desk chair. Finally to bring life to the home office I’ve chose an artificial plant in a woven basket to add texture and more warmth to the space.

You can add art or a noticeboard to make the space your own.

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