All the pieces to easily get a Boho dining room

All the pieces to easily get a Boho dining room

Boho Dining Room Furniture Package – Shop the Look

What makes Boho interior style so appealing is the variety. A variety of textures, materials and patterns in a neutral colour scheme so that there is cohesion and harmony. In this Boho dining room furniture package all these interior design elements are present.

We start with a dining table as the focal piece of this Boho dining furniture package. A piece like this insists of bringing people together because it can withstand a lot of usage and gets better with age.

A beautiful chair needs to complement this beautiful dining table, so I added a dining chair with an pattern and interesting materiality. To go with the dining chair and for added comfort is an ochre coloured seat pad.

It’s common to find a persian, oriental or even tribal rug in Boho spaces. So for this boho dining room furniture package I added a transitional rug with small highlights of colour such as terracotta for a grounding feel. This hint of colour adds warmth to a mostly neutral colour palette.

The buffet is such a gorgeous and unusual piece in its own right. Purely for the textured door panels. This piece has a timelessness to it. That’s the point with Boho style, bringing together pieces with different textures and patterns.

For the pendant I added a piece with rattan. Another way to communicate relaxed vibes which are at the heart of Boho style. To finish this Boho dining furniture package, I added some a wall hanging for more interest and pattern.

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