How to create a Boho bedroom with 7 key pieces

How to create a Boho bedroom with 7 key pieces

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I’ve had a lot of requests for colour consultations recently. It makes me realise the power of colour. Colour can add drama, a little twist, chaos or calm to a space. With this classic Boho bedroom furniture package, I played with traditional colours to create a peaceful sanctuary.

What is Boho without cane or rattan? Not Boho! So, I chose the Rani bedhead with both textural elements. But I also like the different lines in this piece both vertical and curved. Adding interest and making it a proper focal piece.

The other key focal piece is the rattan bedside table. Featuring a rattan draw and timber material for more earthiness and warmth.

I mentioned above how colour can add a little twist, and I think this is true for the white rattan table lamps. Just because they’re white makes them interesting and introduces a new element but repeats a texture.

I think a bench at the end of the bed is so handy, so I introduced one here in a simple linen colour with timber base and similar lines to the bedside tables.

Then there’s a lot of texture. Found in the cotton throw, linen bedding, throw cushions and rug. The importance of texture in Boho spaces is profound due to the neutral colours, textures provide depth and interest.

To finish off this concept I added woven wall deco, which is on trend at the moment but is does add a ‘homemade’ feel to the concept.

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