Benefits of working with interior designer

Benefits of working with interior designer

When I receive an enquiry from a prospective client they have a lot of questions. Primarily, about the benefits of working with an interior designer. Such as, how much it costs to working with an interior designer and the process.  It’s important to ask a lot of questions to understand how an interior designer can help you, if the interior designer is a good fit etc.

Over the years I’ve developed a range of materials to explain how I work. My portfolio also helps people to understand what I do, why and how.  Communication, collaboration, and transparency are important in those first few initial conversations.

I also have reviews and testimonials to help prospective clients make a decision. But I recently read an interesting thread on Facebook.  The questions was something like this – ‘has anyone engaged or worked with an interior designer and what was their experience?’

I enjoyed reading the answers from people who had had a positive experience working with an interior designer. So, I thought I’d share the common themes.

1 – An interior designer ensures cohesion

From the start of a project an interior designer will set a design strategy and ensure that every space in your home works together to achieve balance and harmony.

2 – An interior designer saves you time

Many people who work full time struggle at the weekend going from supplier to retailer choosing furniture, furnishings, fittings, fixtures, finishes for their project.  This often leads to confusion and deflation.  An interior designer makes these selections for you.

3 – An interior designer as the experience and qualification

Some people think they can do it themselves.  But some people can’t undertake an interior design project in their own home.  An interior designer has the experience and qualifications to realise your dream home and answer all the interior design questions a project raises.

4 – An interior designer saves you money

Based on the design strategy an interior designer will know how to allocate your budget in the right direction.  What to spend on and what to save on.  They also have access to trade and wholesale prices.

5 – An interior designer can guarantee to achieve your dream home

It’s fair to say that many people have they own version of a ‘dream’ home and the one of the key benefits of working with an interior designer is ensuring you achieve that dream.

Like any other professional service such as a lawyer or accountant an interior designer is best placed to provide tailored solutions to solve your interior design question and deliver a deeply personal, unique space that tells your story. Are you ready to work with an interior designer?

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