Luxe Interior Design

Luxe Interior Design

For some people luxe interior design is the epitome of interior design.  This style is luxurious, glamorous and fabulous.  It’s the best of the best in terms of materials, textures, furniture and furnishings, as you can see in our Luxe furniture packages.

The origins of luxe interior design can be traced back to the Golden Era of Hollywood and an interior design style that encapsulate that period called Hollywood Regency.  Hollywood Regency is heavily influenced by Art Deco given the period it was popularised in between the 1920s – 1950s.

Hollywood Regency interior design is highly ornamental and experimental, it’s eclectic, mixing styles but in a very glamourous way.  The eclecticism in Hollywood Regency interior design is less about the individual but more about communicating worldliness and wealth.

Luxe interior design is an interpretation of Hollywood Regency for everyday people who are not actors, hob knobbing with the rich and famous and wheeling and dealing in the worldwide film industry.

For most people in modern times luxe interior design aims to communicate glamour through metallic accents such as gold, faux fur, soft to touch materials such as velvet and silk.  It also incorporates the best of classic interior styles such as French, Rococo, and Baroque.  All these styles that are associated with wealth and royalty.

Coburg Residence by Grace Interior Designs

Mixing Styles

In luxe interior design we see a mix of styles.  Like a French herringbone hardwood floor, with a bold geometric Art Deco wallpaper.  An Italian crystal chandelier with a contemporary piece of art.  Quality is important in this style.  For purists they spare no expense and just want the very best.

Colours Scheme for Luxe Interior Design

A colour scheme for a luxe space could be traditional or whimsical.  A traditional colour scheme would include classic colours such as black and white or navy and ivory with a gold accent.  A more outlandish luxe colour scheme would include brighter colours such as fuscia.

Finishes and Textures

The finishes in luxe interior designer are shiny.  They’re smooth and glossy.  Think of gloss cabinetry, mirrored furniture, metallic accents.  The fabrics and textures you’ll find in a luxe space include velvet, silk, fur, wool.  Rich, expensive textures that are of the finest quality.

Lux interior design is a mostly feminine style, it’s over the top and can include custom made or hard to find pieces, materials and textures.  It’s also a fun style and really easy to enjoy as you and admire all the wonderful richness around you.

Written by Trish Khoury
Founding Director
Grace Interior Designs for The Design Basics