Top 3 tips on creating functional spaces for a beautiful home that works

Top 3 tips on creating functional spaces for a beautiful home that works

This week I started a residential project in Broadmeadows, where the client wants to knock down the existing house and build a new one. They had a floor plan and we talked through the layout of each space based on their personal functional requirements. Here are my top 3 tips on creating functional spaces.

Your personal lifestyle

Everyone is different and uses space a different way. For example this client doesn’t want a dishwasher. As soon as they eat they wash, dry and put away the dishes. Other people leave dishes in the sink until the next morning.

So my first top tip on creating functional spaces is to understand in micro detail how you use a space. Another example is that this client wanted a larger master bedroom so that they can do their daily meditation.

This functional requirement impacts the size of the master bedroom, adjoining walk in wardrobe and ensuite.

Another client may have preferred a larger walk-in wardrobe or ensuite.

I also visited a client for a bathroom renovation and noticed his fridge in the kitchen was a small bar fridge. He had a full sized kitchen but as a single person, who doesn’t entertain often decided he didn’t need a full sized fridge.

This reflection on functionality gave him more storage space in the kitchen.

Your personal interior style

My next top tip on creating functional spaces is to understand your personal interior style goal or vision.

Your preferred interior style can impact function is through volume of space, light and specifications such a window treatments or flooring.

For example let’s say you want an Industrial style and want polished concrete floors. Depending on the function of the space and how you use it this choice could be noisy, uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods and affect the temperature of the room.

Another example of how your interior style preference impacts function is if you have kids. Kids and Luxe interior style are not good friends. So you might not have an upholstered dining chair or a wool rug under your dining table.

This doesn’t mean you have to let go of having a Luxe space it just means you have to make different choices and compromises.

Forget the Jones’

My final top tip on creating functional space is to forget the Jones’. Don’t look at how a neighbour or friend or family have designed their space and want it unless you live exactly the same way and have exactly the same functional requirements.

Which is impossible because everyone is different.

For example my client in Broadmeadows had a floor plan with a typical open plan living, dining, kitchen. But they showed me a picture of a fireplace they wanted and discussed their lifestyle so I suggested a split level, sunken living room.

This idea would enhance the cosy feel they wanted. And by creating a greater demarcation between the spaces to improve the use of all the zones in this open plan setting.

Where someone can be in the kitchen with bright lights and that doesn’t impact what someone in the living room is doing with softer light.

While we focus on aesthetics function is fundamental. Creating functional spaces is the first consideration to achieving beautiful spaces.

For more tips, trick and hacks download my ebook.

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