Top 3 things ruin a kitchen renovation

Top 3 things ruin a kitchen renovation

For many people the kitchen is the most used space in the house. Especially if the kitchen is in an open plan setting. As the kitchen counter is used to eat, dump stuff such as shopping bags, prepare meals etc. For a kitchen to work well it needs to be carefully planned, so here are the top 3 things that ruin a kitchen renovation.

Lack of purposeful storage

It’s probably no surprise that the top thing that ruins a kitchen is not enough purposeful storage. But what is purposeful storage? Having a range of drawers, cupboards and shelves is not enough for a successful kitchen renovation.

The reason why you need purposeful storage is because in a kitchen we need to store a lot of stuff. From tableware, cookware, appliances and of course food and things like aluminium foil. All these things are different shapes and sizes.

So carefully planning where all these things will be stored is vital. There are few ways to plan where your kitchen stuff will go. One is to take an audit of all your stuff and how often you use it.

Then when you get your plans you write on the plan where everything is going to go. Of course, if you’re working with an interior designer, they will assist you with this process.

Mixing styles in your selection

If you want a Mid-Century Modern styled kitchen, it’s unlikely you will choose a white ceramic farmhouse sink. But some people do select pieces that don’t work together stylistically.

So, it’s important to determine your style goal and colour scheme from the outset. Knowing what style, you want your kitchen to be will help in making the right selections.

It’s easy to get confused when out and about shopping or browsing online and magazines to get caught up in what looks good for someone else in a different space with different light.

Knowing your personal interior style and being true to your style will help with your reno and give you a successful outcome that is cohesive rather than confused.

Poor lighting

I think lighting doesn’t get the attention it deserves in a kitchen. We rely on standard down lights and pendants over the counter.

But given the kitchen is most likely in an open plan setting, there is an opportunity to add ambient lighting.

Ambient lighting is mood setting so when the kitchen isn’t in use and the bright task lights are not on you can use ambient lighting to create a nice soft warm glow of light.

This can be strip lighting, lighting in the cabinets, or even candles. Lighting can be so impactful so poor lighting is a top 3 thing that can ruin your kitchen renovation.

Essentially the key to any renovation is careful planning. Of course, we want our homes to be beautiful but they need to be functional as well and work for us. So, by avoiding the top 3 things that ruin a kitchen renovation you can achieve a functional and beautiful outcome.

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