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Monochrome Hamptons Living

Monochrome Hamptons Living

This week I noticed many people asking on social media whether you can have a mononchrome Hamptons living space. Instead of the traditional navy for example. Although, it’s true that some colour schemes lends themselves […]

Industrial Dining with tan accent

Industrial Dining with tan accent

I loved creating this Industrial dining mood board.  Mainly, because I love black and black is a foundation colour in Industrial interior style.  As always with Industrial interior style the challenge is balance. With the […]

Scandinavian Dining with White & Wood

Scandinavian Dining with White & Wood

The essence of Scandinavian interior design is found in the Modernist movement where form follows function.  So, simplicity is at the heart of this Scandinavian dining room mood board. Thre is not a lot of […]

Luxe Living with Lush Green Velvet Sofa

Luxe Living with Lush Green Velvet Sofa

I fell in love with the lush, deep green velvet sofa in this luxe living room mood board.  I wanted to do something different with this buyable inspo board and focused on shapes and lines.  […]

Classic French Provincial Living

Classic French Provincial Living

Enduring styles like French Provincial are always a joy to create. The pieces are naturally decorative with a high attentional to detail. The materials and texture are lush and luxe. The colours neutral and timeliness. […]

Industrial Living with Feminine Touch

Industrial Living with Feminine Touch

Another industrial style living room buyable board I created focused on a traditional colour palette of black and brown. With this industrial living room buyable inspo board, I wanted to add a feminine touch through […]

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Mid-Century Modern Apartment House Tour

So often with my clients the reason they initially call me is so that they can create a home that truly reflects their life and ‘loves’.  Their ‘loves’ can range from plants, to books, to […]

How to Apply a Colour Scheme – a designer’s tips

In my last post I offered three key tips on how to choose a colour scheme.  These included; basing a colour scheme around your favourite colour.  Alternatively, you could choose a colour scheme based on […]

How to Choose a Colour Scheme – a designer’s tips

In this post I want to share effective ways of choosing a colour scheme or colour palette for your home. Then next week I will share more tips on how to apply the colour scheme […]

Creating a New Kitchen Layout

In a previous post I mentioned how there is a lot of intuitive problem solving when it comes to reviewing a floor plan. Especially, when you need to respond to a client’s brief for a […]

Selecting the right builder – a designer’s tips

How do you select the right builder for your project?  Whether it’s a new build, renovation, extension, or refurbishment, finding the right trades person is an important and often difficult process.  You will need someone […]

Difference between concept & mood board

Last week I presented a concept slash mood board, for a kitchen refurbishment being undertaken by my studio Grace Interior Designs. The residence is in Brunswick, Victoria.  In Australian interior design language the words ‘concept’ […]

Renovators – Start HERE

Killing time on various interior design related Facebook groups this week, I noticed the most asked question was something like this – ‘Renovating/refurbishing/building house/kitchen/other and I’m not sure what to do about x/y/z would value […]

Styling Your Decor or Collection

My aim with this post is teach you how to style a collection, bookcase, a mantel, a coffee table etc.  It’s about how to create a vignette with the décor you love.  A vignette is […]

Successfully Create a White Space

Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of white spaces.  I’ve been called into homes to rectify an attempt by a client to create an all-white space.  When I asked the client why ‘all white’, their […]

The Joy of Home Visits

We weren’t allowed to visit our friends and family in their own home due to COVID restrictions. So, the joy of experiencing interior design through home visits hit me on Christmas day when I visited […]